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Playtech is the world’s leading online gaming software, platform and services provider, offering cutting-edge solutions to the industry’s leading operators. We design, build and operate technology for over 150 best-known betting and gaming brands serving hundreds of millions of players worldwide.

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Playtech Estonia

Playtech was founded in 1999 in Tartu, Estonia. Until 2006, Playtech Estonia was the only development centre of Playtech Group.

Today, Playtech Estonia is still the core platform development and operational centre of the entire corporation. Offices both in Tartu and Tallinn provide development, production and customer support functions to gaming operators Playtech partners with.

More than 700 specialists make us not only one of the largest sites of the Playtech Group but also the biggest software development company in Estonia.

The units based in Estonia include:

  • IMS (Information Management System)
  • Infrastructure
  • Casino
  • Videobet
  • Service Operations
  • Live
  • Solution Architecture & Integration
  • Information Services & Technology
  • Business Support Units (IT, HR, Finance, Administration)

Our locations

Tartu office

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Our Tartu office located in the heart of the city houses 485 specialists.

Tallinn office

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Our Tallinn office was opened in 2004. Situated at the modern Ülemiste City business campus, the office has 210 employees.

„We are the biggest fish in responsible gaming industry with over 20 years of highly awarded experience. Here, in Estonia, we’re also proud to be one of Estonia’s eight unicorns, recognized as one of the most desirable employers since 2012,  acknowledged as Responsible Employer of the Year 2015 and granted with the 'Diverse Workplace' label in 2020.

Ivo Lasn, Director of Playtech Estonia
Since 2015, Ivo Lasn is the Director of Playtech Estonia.

Responsible gaming

Playtech is dedicated to designing, developing and delivering high-quality responsible gaming technology and raising responsible gaming standards.

For us, responsible business practices are the right thing to do as well as critical to securing our license to operate. Protecting players from harmful play is also vital for the long-term success of the entertainment industry. That is why we continue to put ethical principles at the heart of our business and promote responsible gaming by:

1. Compliance

Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements;

2. Customer engagement

Providing advanced analytics and customer engagement tools to assess player risk and detect potentially problematic behaviour;

3. Data analytics

Constantly improving the use of data analytics and safer metrics to minimise at-risk groups;

4. Proactiveness

Bringing proactive prevention tools and pioneering responsible gaming technology to the market;

5. Fair marketing

Marketing our products fairly and not targeting minors or vulnerable individuals;

6. Prevention research

Engaging with governments and universities to research ways to prevent the harmful effects of gaming.

Playtech values

Our values are a vital part of our ethical business principles and the foundation of everything we do as a company.


We always strive to be responsible, honest and open in our dealings with each other and with all our stakeholders – licensees, regulators, business partners and suppliers


We endeavor to be at the forefront of our industry; to lead, develop and deliver new products and services that meet all risk and regulatory compliance measures


We aim on excellence in everything we do; in the delivery of our products and services, in our integration with the outside world and in working with each other


We always deliver outstanding performance in the context of legitimate and realistic expectations of our customers and shareholders

We are a diverse employer 

As an employer, we carry diversity close to our heart and respect each other at all times, no matter who we are, where we are from or what beliefs we hold. In Playtech, we believe that different thoughts, abilities, experiences and individual characteristics enrich our work environment and lead to better business decisions. Recognizing differences and making sure our processes are transparent is the core part of Playtech’s overall commitment to responsible business practices. 

Since 2020, Playtech is a part of the Estonian Diversity Charter and has been acknowledged with the Diverse Employer quality label. By this, we adhere to human diversity and value the principle of equal treatment among our employees, candidates, partners, as well as customers.