Join Playtech WINTERNSHIP – Java Special

While many of you are waiting our traditional summer internship program, we have something special in mind for those who cannot wait till summer! For the very first time Playtech Estonia launches special internship program for JAVA interns in winter also - WINTERNSHIP. 

Our basics will not change! As a JAVA intern in Playtech you are a full-time team member from day 1.  You get to work on world-class projects and learn from the best in the field of IT. We provide you with a unique opportunity to see your skills make a difference in products that will reach millions of people.

By the end of WINTERNSHIP you will have invaluable real work experience in your CV and great memories & friends to take with you.

As a bonus, you’ll get paid too!

Don't worry if you cannot apply this time, summer internship is also coming next year!

    Apply by 4th of November!

    • WINTERNSHIP lasts from February 7th until May 6th 2022.

      You can join for full time or consider flexible work schedule to make sure your studies will not suffer.

    • Stay on track with our program's timeline:
      • Applications are open 20.10 – 04.11. Do not miss out!
      • Winternship 2022 Introduction event @zoom – 28.10 at 2 PM. Come & network with us!
      • Test assignments 05.11-14.11
      • Interviews 22.11-17.12
      •  07.02 – 06.05.2022 Be part of an awesome WINTERNSHIP experience!

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    Internship in Playtech