Impressions: Playtech’s Interns – Our Wonderful Class of 2020

17 December 2020
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The year 2020 has provided us with unexpected challenges. We have seen many changes in how we work, act, and live. One thing didn’t change though – Playtech’s Internship program still took place, this time during autumn. In September, 28 new eager interns started their work journey with us.

Have you ever wondered what an internship in Playtech is really like? Well, here’s your chance to read six experience stories from our very own interns of 2020! 

Playtech's Class of interns 2020

KAREN SAKSAKULM (Coordinator – Regulated Markets Intern)

I applied for the Playtech internship to have an experience in the field of IT, but deep inside I was eager to challenge myself. When I got an email that I was accepted  to the internship program, I was really scared as I was not sure if I would be good enough. I didn't have any relatable job experience before and that also amplified my insecurities.

Luckily, my fears were disproved already on my first week at office. My teammates were very supportive and always checked if I had any questions or if something was unclear for me. I was really flattered that I was involved in the process right away. I never had a feeling that I wasn’t suitable enough and I never felt like I was alone.

We had an interns’ chat where we shared our joys and concerns. Even when the situation in the world was unstable, we still managed to have a fun out-of-office day together at Tartu Adventure Park.

Usually, Playtech’s internship programs take place during the summer. As this year has been different in many ways, most of the employers were working from home. It is somewhat harder to communicate online but work life is still going on smoothly. In my example, self-motivation grew when I had to work from home and I didn’t have my mentor physically on my side anymore.

I am really thankful to myself that I took on the challenge and encourage everyone to be courageous and apply for Playtech’s internship! 

RIA-SADU NEEDO (QA Engineer Intern)

I decided to apply for Playtech’s internship because I wanted to get a totally new work experience. After working in the public sector, I craved for a leap into the unknown and left my previous job for the internship. Sounds a bit crazy, but I had a feeling I had to do it.

I knew it would be a challenge to start on a System QA position at Playtech without having any IT-background or previous experience. I was positively surprised how soon I was involved in real work and grateful for the trust my team members placed in me.

For the first weeks, my brain was flooded with new information and I made a huge effort to remember all bits and pieces I saw or heard. Soon it came to me that - as always - it is not most important to know everything, but to know where to ask or look for the information.

Ria-Sadu at intern's team event in Tartu Adventure Park

Our internship experience was quite different from the earlier ones: less social life and advantages Playtech usually offers for its employees. I kept my fingers crossed that the office would be open until I’d feel confident enough to work from home. We had almost nine weeks with the team working from the office, and it was great to get to know them also in real life (not just in Teams and Zoom).

I would definitely recommend going on an internship. At Playtech and overall. It is an intensive learning process which takes one out of the comfort zone. For me personally, it has been a great experience both for the skills I have gained and people I have met. Thank you for believing in me, Testing group’s SQA team - you’re the best! 

KADI SAU (Project Manager Intern)

My first connection with Playtech was at the TechSisters Product Owner's ABC networking event, where Playtech employees talked about their work experience and career. Their speech inspired me to apply for the Technical Project Manager internship.

I had some doubts regarding how the internship would work out for that role, because the internship time is quite short compared to the ongoing projects and I wasn´t sure how much project management I could actually be able to do. After finishing the program, I can say that all the concerns vanished immediately after the onboarding. I really appreciated that they treated me the same way as new long-term employees and it made me feel very welcomed and part of the team.

I expected to have an intense internship and it really was. The two months passed fast, and I learned a lot while managing multiple projects. My technical knowledge and project managing skills have greatly improved. Since most of the internship was in home office mode, I gained some extra useful remote work skills and got over my fear of asking too many questions.

Live unit's team event Kadi attended - an  ATV hike

I recommend applying for the internship to get an international experience, do real work and learn from the professionals at Playtech. I would suggest starting already by researching the product, following their social media accounts to understand Playtech´s culture, and participating in their public events. 

JAN VERNER PULLES (Monitoring Specialist Intern)

My main goal for attending the internship at Playtech was to get a full-time job and experience in the IT field as well as to show that I can be useful for the Casino team. In my mind, when I get experience from an internship, it is easier to show that I am trustworthy and have knowledge about this field in order to get the job I am applying for.

I was surprised that everything was prepared by the company. For example, I had a full computer setup already waiting for me on the first day and communicating with HR was really easy. I always got the information I needed so I didn’t need to ask for anything extra.

I would 100% recommend going for an internship in Playtech, because it’s a great opportunity to gain experience in a big international IT company where work never ends. 

PATRICK LOMP (Software Engineer Intern)

I decided to become an intern at Playtech because I was looking for real software developer experience. Playtech seemed like a good fit for me. I liked the atmosphere and the opportunities it would bring. Playtech appeared like a company where I could grow a lot as a developer.

At the beginning of the internship, the huge codebase that our team was responsible for scared me a bit, because I was used to working with smaller projects, where I could grasp everything that was going on quickly. But as time went on and with help from my mentor, I became more familiar with the code and my confidence grew. During my 8 weeks of internship, I learned a lot about different software development practices and improved my social skills.

If you are also considering to intern at Playtech then I would advise you to just go for it.

AIGERIM AKTLEU (Regulatory Analyst Intern)

I decided to apply for my internship position because it nicely aligns with the career path that I have anticipated. I set a goal to learn as much as I can while working at Playtech, and I enhanced my data visualization and legal analysis skills decently.

The onboarding process was carried out successfully in my opinion. Despite the situation with COVID, Playtech HR managed to organize an event for the interns, climbing in the adventure park was indeed one of the brightest experiences during this time.

I definitely consider myself lucky with my team, all of them are really nice and friendly people. I believe in the end it is all about the connections with people that makes the greatest impact.

Aigerim enjoying office coffee

For anyone considering signing up for Playtech's internship program, I would definitely recommend doing it. My advice is: be proactive, don't be afraid to ask for help or advice. One great thing I noted is that initiatives and opinions are highly appreciated here.


I decided to take on an internship position of a QA Engineer at Playtech because I had been keeping an eye on them for a while - it seemed like a great company and the position itself was perfect as it matched my career plans.

At first I was a bit afraid of failing but after joining I quickly realized that this fear was completely unfounded, as everyone was super friendly and always ready to help! I was skeptical at first  due to Playtech being such a big company that there might be micromanagement, but it just was not the case here.

I consider myself lucky because at the start of my internship the situation with the pandemic was rather calm and I was able to meet all of my teammates in person - before being switched to working from home. Even working remotely, I felt greatly connected to my coworkers over the online channels.

Overall, the experience has been great and I feel like I have been able to develop myself professionally and also personally, and this is probably something I am most thankful for from this internship. For anyone who is thinking about taking part of the internship - just do it! Otherwise, you will never know what you missed. I definitely recommend it highly, especially at Playtech!

"I recommend applying for the internship to get an international experience, do real work and learn from the professionals at Playtech. I would suggest starting already by researching the product, following their social media accounts to understand Playtech´s culture, and participating in their public events."
- Kadi Sau


Intern's event at Tartu Adventure Park
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