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There are around 400 unicorns in the world
and we are proudly one of them.
Let us introduce what makes Playtech one-of-a-kind.

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Hmm… why Playtech?

Gaming industry pioneer

Two decades of experience and prestigious industry awards demonstrate that we don’t follow gaming industry trends. Using cutting-edge technologies and the best talent, we set them.

Unlimited career paths

Our versatility is out of the ordinary. Find your passion and choose from unlimited career paths. With 100+ internal movements a year,
anything is possible with us.

Professional team

Be part of a supportive and motivated community and work with the absolute best in the field. We have experts in more than 150 roles to learn from.

Our stories

Vsevolod Klivak 08 June 2022

Let's Start With a Seemingly Mundane Question. How Can You Feel Comfortable In a New Company?

You may experience a combination of feeling foreign and underserving in a new environment; you’ve left your “safe zone” and are doubting your abilities in your new role. In psychology,...

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Janno Holm 05 May 2022

Taking a Performance Bottleneck and Crushing It – IMS Login Domain Server Rewrite

In lay terms, the Login Domain Server is a user-facing component that serves as a proxy between gaming clients and our online casino management platform, IMS. It handles a number...

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Liina Pruulmann 01 April 2022

The Delicate Balance

As a new analyst in the User Account Management team in Playtech I often find myself making a challenging choice. On the one hand, there is the option to build...

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