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The Playtech center in Estonia includes both the development, production and customer support functions of the Group. Most of the employees of Playtech Estonia are located in Tartu, but a large part also operates in Tallinn. 

Playtech Estonia was the first and the only development center of Playtech until 2006 when it became obvious the growth of the company tends to restrain implementing the business opportunities, and so the new development centers were established one by one. Thus we can proudly say that the solutions that have brought success to Playtech originate from Estonia. Even today, Playtech Estonia is on of the largest center of the Group. We can confidently consider us one of the largest software companies in Estonia – more than 650 specialists in Tartu and in Tallinn are involved in our large-scale activities today.

As of November 16th, 2015 the Subsidiary Director of Playtech Estonia is Ivo Lasn.

Ivo Lasn


Since 2004, Playtech portfolio includes the Videobet trademark which focus is on developing software for server supported gaming machines and for the applications required for managing server supported gaming machines. Together with Videobet team, live and infra units, plus administration, the Tallinn office is combined with around 150 employees in a modern Ülemiste City office. 


In Tartu there are almost 500 employees in more than 10 units: Cross Product (including IMS, Infrastructure, Product Operations and Performance&QA Automation), Casino, Service Operations, Projects, IS&Technology, Content, Site Operations, etc. Playtech Tartu office is located in the city centre at Vanemuise street. 

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