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As the development and production of Videobet and Playtech games is based on the same principles, the game logic and visual graphics of Videobet games is also similar to the games developed by Playtech.  The main difference is in the product management system and this is derived from the fact that the products function on different platforms. 

The operation of Playtech’s product portfolio is performed in the IMS (Information Management System) – an all-embracing management system which provides the gaming operator with generic game reports and also a possibility to monitor closely the behavior of the players. The IMS enables to track down how the players have found their way to the operator’s gaming environment, which partner sites they have visited, etc. With the IMS the operator can also easily grant discounts and bonuses to the most loyal players, send screen messages to specific target groups, etc.

IMS is a flagship Playtech Product representing the sessions, player and wallet management systems. All gaming products like Casino, Poker, Bingo are integrated with IMS. IMS consists of many services like account service, wallet service, login service, bonus service, loyalty service, chat service etc. Most of them are developed in Estonia.

The management system of Videobet products is called Videobet Edge and it enables the casino operator to have real-time 24/7 overview of its gaming venue. Videobet Edge incorporates the server-based gaming system and the casino management system, offering several vital tools for the operator – detailed accounting, messages about the player activities and abnormal player behavior, configuration of game settings, etc. Videobet Edge also allows managing the loyalty and bonus programs, and other target marketing tools. As a unique solution, the operator can implement the cross-usage of different gaming machines in the venue and connect different terminals with each other.

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